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General Dentistry: Our Services
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A COE is performed in order to gain a comprehensive overview of a patient's current oral health. Addressing main concerns, checking one's gum health, obtaining updated radiographs and pictures, evaluating old restorations, and checking for any signs of cavities or infections are all part of this session. The dentist and the patient will have a thorough conversation to discuss the findings and treatment options.



Restorative dentistry includes all-white composite restorations and aesthetic zirconia crowns & bridges. We ensure the materials we use are non-harmful to the body. These are procedures used to treat cavities, tooth fractures, and maintain tooth integrity.

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Oral surgery includes wisdom teeth removals and removals of fractured or infected teeth. All of these procedures are available at Quantum Health Dental under local anesthetic. If patients insist on sedation or general anesthesia then a referral to a specialist may be made.

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Periodontal disease is known to most as gum disease. An assessment of current gum health will be checked at both the COE and occasionally during dental hygiene appointments. This is done to ensure one’s gum health is stable. Treatments to improve gum health involve deep cleanings with or without gum flap procedures. These are done in order to eliminate plaque & calculus, which subsequently reduces periodontal inflammation.

General Dentistry: List
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