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Quantum Health Dental focuses on the maintained balance between your oral health and overall health. By utilizing an integrative approach to dentistry, we enable your overall health to achieve its optimal state. Everything we do for your gums and teeth has the potential to benefit your whole body and well-being. In summary, we are entirely dedicated to your oral health and its relationship with your body as a whole.

Holistic Philosophy: The Clinic


Homeopathic therapy is often supplemented during or after dental and oral treatments in our office. We utilize various homeopathic remedies to improve the healing and outcomes of our treatments. These supplementary remedies are often administered under the tongue. These remedies are generally used to improve healing, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and optimize outcomes of our treatments. Examples of homeopathic remedies commonly used are Ruta, Arnica, hypericum, phosphorous,.

Holistic Philosophy: Text
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